Boudour Khthiri’s Mobile Restaurant

Boudour Khthiri at her Food Truck

Boudour Khthiri at her Food Truck

“This project changed my life and made me a different person. I now feel like a fighter who wakes up every day to change my life for the better. I am more confident and stronger and I am sure that I can make it!”

When the WES center opened its doors at TAMSS in November 2012, Boudour Khthiri arrived with an idea she had been dreaming about for a long time and the commitment to make it happen. In just under six months, Boudour completed WES entrepreneurship and leadership trainings, and developed a business plan. She also worked on refining her pastry skills at a specialized training center in Borj Louzir.

Committed to supporting her business idea, Boudour’s husband Radhouane Cherif sold his taxi to finance the project. Together they transformed a large van into their own food truck.

This month, Boudour and Radhouane launched their “caravane”, selling fast food to families and workers living in the Ennasser neighborhood in Tunis.

What’s on the menu? Boudour intends to have a rotating menu with seasonal offerings. In the fall and winter they will sell sandwiches and homemade pizza and then ice cream and crepes in summer.

Congratulations to Boudour Khthiri and Radhouane Cherife!


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