WES Trainers Explore E-Commerce and Design E-Shops

Bijoux Tunisie E-shop

Bijoux Tunisie E-shop

If you were given a business partner, images of existing jewelry products, and less than two hours to create an online jewelry shop in Tunisia, what approach would you take?

Your e-shop must be designed on Facebook and will be evaluated by your peers on the basis of creativity, pricing, and business strategy.

During a recent Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability (WES) Training of Trainers (TOT) on e-commerce, this e-shop challenge was posed by trainer Rym Baouendi. In response, participants created nine mock e-shops on Facebook.

The winner was Bijoux Tunisie, which stood out with their unique approach incorporating a delivery service into their pricing strategy. Fellow participants also acknowledged their clear labeling and excellent approach to marketing of products. Bijoux Tunisie also added a contact form to their Facebook page to ensure that potential clients could directly contact owners to find out more about the e-shop and products.

According to the latest Doing Business 2013 report from the World Bank, Tunisia ranks 66th globally in ease of starting a business. However, e-commerce globally, and in Tunisia, is still growing and continues to face barriers related to credit card use and building trust in online payments.

In Tunisia, debit cards may be used for some domestic online payments, but Tunisian credit cards are not accepted for most foreign currencies. This dramatically restricts their use in the e-commerce sector, particularly on foreign sites. As of 2010, Tunisia had more than 2.4 million debit cards in use in a country of 10 million people . (Doing Business in Tunisia: 2012)

A training on e-commerce will be launched in 2013 at eight WES centers across Tunisia and we look forward to seeing graduates leading the way in the rapidly changing online business environment.


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