TechWomen Entrepreneurship Workshop

Pascal Finette from @Mozilla talking about Entrepreneurship on the Open Web with #TechWomen

Pascal Finette from @Mozilla talking about Entrepreneurship on the Open Web with #TechWomen

Last week the WES team in San Francisco attended a workshop on Entrepreneurship with 41 TechWomen Emerging Leaders from eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

The WES team was excited to meet with four TechWomen Emerging Leaders from Tunisia.

The workshop featured Silicon Valley leaders from multiple sectors including technology and venture capital who shared their advice, tips, and resources on being an entrepreneur.

We wanted to share some useful tips and resources with the WES network.

Advice on Becoming an Entrepreneur:

1. Rules for Revolutionary Entrepreneurs (Pascal Finette of Mozilla’s Open Innovation Group – discussing what led to Mozilla’s success. @pfinette)

  • Superior Products Matter – the success of your business will depend on the quality of the products/services you offer
  • Speed Matters – key to an innovative business venture is that you implement your idea before your competitors can do it
  • Destroy the Rules – entrepreneurship flourishes when you try new things and experiment beyond the rule-book
  • You Must be Known for One Thing – your product/services should be known for offering one distince advantage among other numerous benefits.
  • Relentless Focus –  you may face hurdles in your entrepreneurial venture but one-pointed focus and commitment will lead you to success.

2. Start Up Basics (Hiten Shah of KISSmetrics- @hnshah)

Always begin with a hypothesis. Entrepreneurship targets to solves the problems in the community. Thus its helpful to frame your hypothesis that identifies your specific audience and the problem that you intend to address.

Ask the right questions about the problem your audience has accomplishing their task

  • What do they do now?
  • What other tools do they have?
  • Who else does it?
  • How painful is the problem?
  • What are the customer complaints?

3. Three characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs (Ben Horowitz, Andreesen Horowitz-@bhorowitz)

  • Intelligence
  • Courage
  • Leadership

4. Making your Business Pitch

Four strengths that make your business pitch more attractive

  • Market (is the market appropriate for this idea?)
  • Product (do you have a quality product?)
  • Team (do you have a strong team?)
  • Deal (are the terms of your proposal attractive to investors?)

Helpful Resources:

  • Sample Powerpoint Decks for Making your Business Pitch: David Cowan – “How to Not Write a Business Plan”
  • Want to start networking with other entrepreneurs? Check out Women 2.0 to see how they structure Founder Fridays
  • More information on the Entrepreneurship Workshop will feature on the TechWomen blog soon!

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