Celia Boren joins the WES team!

Celia Boren

Celia Boren

WES team is excited to welcome our new team member, Celia Boren.

It’s great to have an entrepreneur on the team! Here is what Celia has to say about herself and her interest in the WES program.

To the WES Network,

I am thrilled to be joining your team as the WES Program Officer at IIE’s West Coast Center! I have been a part of the IIE family in San Francisco since 2008 and most recently I spent a year living and working in Rwanda. While in Rwanda, I was working with young women and girls on health education and financial literacy. Working with young girls on financial education and plans to save for their future really sparked my interest in entrepreneurship, and I even spent some time as an entrepreneur myself launching and managing a food/ catering business. I look forward to bringing this experience to WES to support trainings, your business endeavors, and also learn from you as you scale your ideas.
I can’t wait to work with you soon in Tunisia!


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