Tunisian TechWomen Arrive in San Francisco!



On September 6, ambitious and powerful emerging leaders and mentors gathered at Oracle for the 2012 TechWomen Welcome Orientation. Many of the attendees live worlds apart, however, they encompass one vision—to share knowledge and change the way conversations are had.

Two of these TechWomen Emerging Leaders are from Tunisia and are very excited to represent a group of innovative young leaders in Tunisia during their internships with women in science and technology in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability (WES) program is looking forward to involving the Tunisian TechWomen Emerging Leaders in the WES Entrepreneurs Networks to be launched in November 2012.

Ghada Mrabet 

Ghada Mrabet is a 31 year old technology teacher at the Higher Institute of Technological Studies in Kairouan, Tunisia. She holds a Master’s Degree in computer science and is an activist among many technology associations and clubs.

Ghada is excited about the TechWomen program and the opportunity to interact and cooperate with different participants. During her time as a mentee, she hopes to gain more efficient teaching skills, a clearer vision of professional trends in the Information Technology market, and further develop her interests as a leader and entrepreneur.

Farida Joumade Mansouri:

In 2011, Farida Joumade Mansouri attended a meeting at Tunisian Women National Union in Kairouan, where she met Chema Gargouri, the current Country Director of the WES program. It was at this meeting and through these connections she learned she could become a TechWomen mentee. Farida has 17 years of experience working in technical fields and holds an engineering degree in agronomy and specializing in soil science and geometrics.

Farida is thrilled to participate in the TechWomen program because her personal motto is, “Knowledge is the only treasure that increases in value when it is shared”. She will try to learn as much as possible during her time in the United States so she can return home with plenty of new ideas to share with innovative young executives.

Stay tuned for more updates from Ghada and Farida’s stay in the Bay Area!


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